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    Does anyone have any strong opinions on the audio upgrades, are they worth it? Is there an aftermarket system you would recommend?

    Does anyone have a picture of the stock stuff?

    I do not intend to be blasting down the lake, just listening to some Buffett while swimming in a cove someplace.

    I bought a stock boat with the basic AM/FM CD and the boat show tower speaker option. That combination requires an amp and if I am going to do that, I think I should at least upgrade so that I can play my Jimmy Buffett MP3 CDs.

    I could run off the Ipod but the radio transmitter system is about $100, about what it takes to upgrade and I figure the Ipod will be fish food at some point. One advantage I can think of is that without drawing power to spin a CD, the radio could run longer before the battery went dead.


    Please do not burry me in specs, my criteria are:

    MP3 capable
    Indestructible or close to it
    Good sound at adult volume
    Removable for storage and theft protection
    A radio with front jacks to take a direct feed from an Ipod (better sound than FM less power than a CD)

    How long can I park and listen to the radio before I have to row home due to a dead battery? 10 min, 5 hours?


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    As you know, I had problems with the factory radio. I went on ebay and found the direct replacement for the stock Kenwood KDC-225MR (the 'MR' is supposed to stand for 'Marine Radio' what a frikin joke, it got damp and fried the p.s.) because I have that remote station by the dash and i wanted to continue using it, so, i went with Kenwood's KDC-MP225 (a $300 unit, on ebay for $11.
    It basically has the same spec's as the 225MR, but is Mp3 compatible.

    As far as juice usage goes, the louder you play it, the more the batt discharges (i have a knack for the obvious, don't I?). I put an amp in mine just for good clarity at boarding speeds. And partied at the sand bar for 6-8 hours straight without concern.

    I know about the fish food thing, I lost 2 cell phones last year, alone.

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