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    I've wanted to buy an XLV for some time. But my local dealer (Jacksonville) has a huge markup when compared to the internet price quote. What's the standard markup? Can I order direct from the factory? Has anyone had success with a dealer in the Southeast? I'm currently deployed to Afghanistan and will be ordering soon so that my shiny new boat will be waiting for me, but I'll have to do it from here.

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    First of all, I hope you and your comrades know that you have the support and respect of your fellow Americans for putting your lives on the line for us. Thank you.

    That being said, you could try Watersports of Central Florida near Orlando. Maybe they can give you a better price. I bought my Outback from them a couple of years ago and I got a great deal. You'll like Bob, he's a good guy. Good luck, and be safe!


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    I guess we have more in common than I thought, I just read this post after I PM'd you on the XLV height post.
    Are you looking to buy brand new? I ask because I was looking at an '04 demo, loaded with GG bags, and Perfect Pass in South East Tennessee. I bought a different boat, but you may be interested, I think they are willing to sell for around 35K, it has about 70 hours on it.

    Here is the delima I had:

    I ended up buying that XLV, its also a demo.
    PM me where you are located, I also know a dealer who has a brand new '05 XLV with lots o' options, black, that the buyer fell through on, and they are looking to move. May be an option for you.

    Good luck with your search. Hope to talk some more! Always good to meet other wakeboarders in the military!


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    Ryan, I read through the threads on your XLV purchase. I'm on the fence myself. I'm also comparing an X-30 to an XLV. I'm also a gun pilot currently living the dream in Afghanistan. I'm trying to time this right so that my boat will be waiting for me in the spring, so purchasing new would slow things down. Plus my local Moomba dealer is still asking 45K for an 04 XLV...which is why he's still sitting on it. I'm hoping to work a boat show style deal but obviously I can't attend any boat shows until the make the middle eastern tour...
    I hope your boat turns out well.
    Barry T.

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    Hey I bought an 05 xlv in Huntsville Alabama from and I really liked the guy who I worked with there. Go to the website and get the # cause I'm out of town right now. Long story short KILLLLLerr boat got it LOOOOOAAAADDDD for 45K.
    2005 Moomba 23 XLV
    340 HP, Clarion 5 HU, 2 Clarion wired digital remotes, 2 Wetsounds 485's, 6 Wetsounds XS 650's, 1 JL 12w6 Sub, 1 Wetsound WS420, 2 JL 300/2amps, 1 Wetsounds Sync 4 amp, 1 JL 500/1 amp. Teak swim platform, Perfect pass. Flip up Bow Light, Chrome tower Nav Light, Chrome thru hulls, Black Bimini, 2 750 Flyhigh bags, 1100 center Flyhigh bag, Acme 1235 14.25 x 14.5 prop, Dual battery system. Evolution Cover. Chrome Blower Vent Covers.

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    Hey Barry,
    You're living in FLA now? I hope you remember me from that demo in '03 I took you on at Lake Pleasant. Thanks for your services and we look forward to a safe return so you can get riding.

    Surfside Boat Center

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