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    Quote Originally Posted by rjgaumer View Post
    thanks alot for all the help guys. I have decided to definitely throw an amp in her. That will make a total of 4 amps in my baby.
    Really 3 amps in there already and the in-boats are still on the head-unit?

    I would put on the breaks before adding in that 4th amp, step back and look at the whole picture: What all you currently have in the boat that is being or needs to be driven by an amp, what amps you have and what they are driving. How the components are wired to the amp(s) and what you want to have when it's completed. Just a suggestion.

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    ^ Good point. You need to know the final result before starting.
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    Ditto what MLA said. Only possible reason I could think someone would be running that many amplifiers is if they are Bi-amping the towers?

    OP> give us some insight on your current system setup. Include model numbers if possible. And also how your power / ground / distribution / battery setup looks like. This will give the peanut gallery a good baseline to provide constructive comments with.

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