Does anyone know the weght capacity of the swim platform on a 2006 LSV? I had 13 people out in the LSV this weekend and at one point, there were about 6 people standing on the platform at one time. Granted, a few of those were kids but it made me wonder how much weight it can hold before something gives. If anyone has asked this question of their dealer or SC and has gotten an answer, please share. I searched and didn't see anything on the forum. Thanks.

On a positive note, my boat was really put to good use this weekend. We took two of the neighbors and their families out so we had a total of 5 adults and 8 kids on the boat. Was a super hot day in Portland (mid-90's) and water temp at the lake was 75 so was a great day to be on the water. Too rough to do anything but tube and swim but everyone had a grand time. We did get some surfing in late in the day after most boats had left and the surf wake with 12 people on the boat was awesome! I took my daughter out to surf with me again and when two of her same-age girlfriends saw that, they wanted to go as well so I took each one out as well. Got up the first time and was able to throw the rope in and freeride with each of the girls. They loved it, as did their parents

Even with that many people and packing lunch and drinks for everyone, the LSV had plenty of strorage space so we didn't have to keep anything out on the floor or the seats. Granted, we didn't use any ballast (except when we surfed) so that helped.