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    Default Integrated Bow Sac install

    Since I've installed my IBS system I've had a lot of "how to" questions from folks on the boards here. So I figured I'd go ahead and post up a detailed post on the subject. Hope this answers any questions you guys have.

    Parts you need.
    IBS bag
    1 3/4" 12v empty/discharge pump
    3 Fly High 3/4" Flow-Rite Quick Release Connect W736
    3 Fly High 3/4" Elbow Flow-Rite Quick Release Connector W742
    1 3/4" through hull fitting
    1 3/4" spring check (must be spring, not ball or swing checks)
    1 3/4" barbed 90/elbow
    10 stainless hose clamps 1/2" to 1 1/4"
    2 3/4" female thread by 3/4" barbed
    2 3/4" male thread by 3/4 barbed
    8' of 3/4" ballast hose depending on the way you route everything. Measure, measure, measure!
    1 role of teflon tape
    1 roll of good heavy electrical tape. I use it to wrap the hose clamps up really well so they don't rub on the bags

    Tools you need.
    3/4" hole saw
    1 1/4" hole saw
    I like to use a nut driver for the hose clamps because a flat head screwdriver works better at stabbing yourself in the hand and I've stabbed my hand enough.
    At least 3 beers.

    First mark and drill your holes, 1 1/4" in the floor and 3/4" in the hull.
    One thing I noticed is that depending on the day the boat was built the two ballast thru-hulls in the back are going to be spaced differently. So measure the distance between the two back ones and drill your new one the same spacing from the old front to match the spacing on the rear. Make sense?
    Now I drilled the hole in the floor behind the stainless angle under the passenger bow seat to keep things tight. If you don't want to drill a hole and you have room in your boat where the battery cables and such come through the floor just run the hose there.
    Slide the bow bag back a little to access the front port. For some reason my floor sac fittings were not glued like the rear sacs were from the factory so it spun right out. Results may vary. Depending on the orientation of the bag make sure the port is on top, meaning it would make it a vent.
    Attatch the hose to the quick connect and install it on the bag.
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