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    Default Part Numbers,Specifications Torques Etc

    This list can/will be updated as these are identified, I take no responsibility for the accuracy of this report please feel free to add part numbers as you know as well

    Indmar engine owners manual Manual.pdf

    Indmar repair manual

    Other manuals
    Oil Filters for 5.7L
    AC/Delco PF25
    Castrol CM30
    Mobil M1- 302
    Fram PH30 PH5 also
    Napa 1069
    Pennzoil PZ3
    Penske PN30
    Purolator L20049
    Motorcraft FL10
    Quaker State QS30
    WIX 51069

    Prop nut torque 30-35 ftlbs
    Prop Nut size 1 1/16" for 1 1/8" shafts 1" ? for 1" shafts ?
    spark plug 11 ftlbs
    shaft coupler bolts 25-30 ftlbs
    Exhaust Manifold Bolt Torque - 18 to 24 ft-lbs
    Exhaust Riser Bolt Torque - 18 to 22 ft-lbs

    Spark plugs
    If your engine dose not have catalytic converter exhaust, I would recommend using conventional AC/Delco MR43LTS plugs gapped at .045.. Any catalyst engines should use platinum or iridium plugs. The plugs we used in the cat 5.7L engines have superseded to 41-101 gapped at .040. "Engine Nut"

    impeller Johnson 812 b
    inline fuel filter Napa 3299 Carquest 86299
    1/4- 1/2" play on v and serpentine belts
    bilge pump Atwood Sahara model S500.

    starter parts solenoid for the 4 wire PG260 starter.

    Transmission mount bushings rubber 536004. Inboard online $8.61
    here are the spark plugs for 340 ext/cat engines for mpfi, carbed engines

    Thermostat. The subsitute part number for the S985009 is Sierra part number 18-3649. The cost is $41 vs $19, respectively.
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