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    Default Prop Test Results

    Hey everyone,

    Today, I tested the three props below on my 2006 Mobius LSV with the 325 HP engine.

    OJ #454 – 13.7 x 17.5, 0.110 cup (stock prop)
    Acme #537 – 13.5 x 16, 0.105 cup
    OJ #466 – 14.25 x 14, 0.090 cup (wakeboard prop)

    The reason for the prop testing is that I am looking for a prop with a little more holeshot because last year, I found the limits of my stock prop. I had 1400 lbs of ballast full and 7 adults on the boat plus 1 behind the boat that I was trying to get up on a wakeboard. It took about two minutes for the boat to plane out.

    The first prop is the stock prop. The second prop was recommended by my dealer (the OJ version) as well as by nettle props (the Acme version) as a good upgrade from stock for holeshot if I did not want the all out wakeboard prop which I'm told is more appropriate for heavily sacked out/bigger boats. The third prop is the wakeboard prop upgrade from Moomba/OJ (although they have a newer one out now). Tazz gave me a great deal on his 537 over the winter so I jumped on it and mandley was nice enough to let me borrow his wakeboard prop for the purpose of this test.

    Of course, the wakeboard prop would take care of any holeshot concerns but since I do most of my boating with light loads, I’m not sure I want to pay the gas usage penalty as well as give up several mph on the top end all the time.

    Okay, so on to the results:

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    2006 Mobius LSV

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