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    Default Updating Sundeck

    I own a 2002 Mobious LSV and I want to update the rear sundeck to the split version as is on the 2003 models. I am planning on have the rear deck recovered for next season anyway because the dark colors (I have the blue and white one) make the sun deck unless and a pain. We have to jump from the swim platform to the rear seat so you don't burn your feet. But as I am getting ready to recover my existing one, I figured that having to open the whole engine compartment to get to the storage is a real pain as well so I might as well fix both problems.

    My questions:
    1. Will a 2003 Mobious LSV sundeck fit on a 2002 Mobious LSV.

    2. Can I order a kit from Moomba?


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    Default Sundeck to sundecks

    Mike, this is very feasible. I reccomend calling yor dealer for pricing and lead time for the parts to be built. It is not that hard of a job, however, the driilng for the hinges and shock brkts. is critical, so you don't have unwanted holes showing. Brian Raymond

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