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    Default Ballast in the rear trunk


    Just a quick question, what does the factory say about putting a sack in the rear trunk. I've gotten some mixed opinions here. Some say you can, others say it could deform your gas tank....I've got a 2001/2002 Moomba Mobius.



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    Default Trunk Ballest

    I have a 2001 Mobius Pro.

    I too had the same idea for more weight. I ended up removing the plastic floor the factory puts in the trunk and installing a wood floor. I used one eight foot 2x10 and one 2x6. I layed them on top of the gas tank side by side with some carpet under them for a cushion. I also carpeted the top for looks.

    As for the weight I did some creative plumbing off the factory auto fill. I put a tee and some valves in. I added two tanks to the trunk and kept the factory tank under the seat. All three tanks fill at the same time if I want them too. I purchased two extra 750gpm pumps to empty the extra tanks, again some creative plumbing. Right now all three tanks empty out the same port. It is a little slow so I plan on adding two exit ports for the additional tanks to empty. It is worth it! The wake is huge! If you are interested in some pictures I can e-mail some.
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    Default More weight!!!

    I'd love to see some pics of your Trunk Ballast. I'm always trying to get a bigger wake and sometimes having 6 friends in the boat all the time gets too crowded. If you have any pics, send them to me at
    ~Cheese in AZ

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    Yes, I would love to see some of these pics. Have you experienced any stress cracks along your trunk? My dealer has told me that Moomba will not warranty cracks as a result of a sack in the rear trunk, although if you use a sack the proper size i don't think you would have a problem...perhaps someone from the factory will comment????



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