Do any of you guys know much about Memphis Audio?

In my new-to-me LSV, I have the smaller of the stock Kicker amps that runs the cabin speakers, and this Memphis Audio amp that runs the tower speakers. I didn't get much chance to mess with the setup before I put the boat away for the winter, but it seemed like I wasn't getting much of anything out of the tower speakers. The cabin speakers sounded pretty good, though I think the amp only runs to the main cabin speakers, and the bow speakers are un-amplified.

I have dual tube Skylon tower speakers. The sound quality was sorely lacking. I didn't know if it was the speakers, the amp, or both. I am hoping to replace all of these speakers with the Polk db651's at some point, but being 10 total speakers, that's a decent chunk of change.

If any of you have info on Memphis audio, I'd appreciate it. Unfortunately, I have no idea what model I've got either, but I was just putting out the feelers.