Lawdog -

I have experience with both Exile and WS. Both are great companies with very good products. I originally purchased the XM7s to pair up with my 80s that I had. I choose to sell my 80s and purchase a second pair of XM7s because in my opinion the XM7s provided a much better sound quality in the boat and sounded just as good out at 80' for the rider.

Brian from Exile has been great to work with and gives excellent customer service. In fact I have 2 of there Xi800.4 amps and I had a slight problem with one of the having a turn off "pop." Since I am local to them he invited me to bring my boat up to them so the coils diagnose the problem. They did that and fixed the problem right then and there for me.

Mmandley on here has the XM7s in his boat if you go to the thread tilted Fierahs New Stereo you can watch a video from the other day that shows him giving a demo of his XM7s.