Sweet Cab ill have to do that man. I do still need to run my boat by AWS as they are going to look at why the boat wont center on my trailer. No matter how hard i try and how slow i go, use the winch or not the D ring never hits the center of my roller. Plus no matter how deep or shallow the trailer is the nose always hits the roller. I figure next week or the week after. Let me know what days are good for you man. I am always off Sun threw Tues.

Did or do you Fog your boat Cab?

Newty i was wondering the same about not Winterizing because my HVAC and water heater sit next to the boat. I am going to winterize this season then keep a thermostat in the garage and see how cold it really gets in there. I know when it snowed last year i could see my breath in the garage but that only means its in the 40s.