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    Default Fixed Front Ballast air issue

    I finaly thought of a cheap and very good fix to the problem of your front ballast bags filling with air.

    I know mine fills with air when im driving to the lake and sometimes even on the lake. Resulting in you have to burp the bag and this is such a pain.

    What i did was install a valve in the drain line of the front ballast.

    Valve $10
    Hose $17
    Hose clamps $3
    Valve fittings $2

    Now when im not using the ballast i turn the vale off. Block all incoming air. When i want to drain my ballast i open the valve and the water drains out. When you filling the ballast you can open this valve and the over flow feature still works as this is strictly an open or closed valve.

    Only thing i didn't get to do was i tried to mount some brackets to hold the valve in place but the tube behind it is the engine air tube and i cant drill threw it. I think it might be metal or maybe a brace is there. Eighter way my self tapping screw didn't want to start and i didnt want to force it. From the drivers seat i can lean forward and actuate the valve so im happy.
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