ok after reading and rereading all the stereo threads and doing research and looking at my budget i've came up with the set up mmandley went with sorry to copy you man but job looks very nice and its within what i wanna spend!

from what you guys say i won't be sorry keeping everything kicker since u can't beat their price and sounds good...am i right?

tower speakers: kmt6 powered by zx700.5 amp

kc10 sub and cabin speakers powered by zx450.2 amp

wet sounds equalizer

first question is eventually i will upgrade tower speakers to something like wetsounds or whatever sounds the best in a few years so will this amp be ok for something like the wetsounds double up speakers?

second question is for razz i see you used a zx650.4 amp for your second amp... why did you go this size and should i also?

i have a kicker 200.2 amp powering my cabins right now which is kinda weak i think... can i use it for anything in my new set up or just figure on replacing it?
i don't have a factory sub so will i like the kicker sub or should i go with something else here?
my head unit is kenwood kdc-mp2035 will this be ok to keep in or will i need to replace it to maximize my sound?
wherever i decide to put the sub is where its gonna be for good so any suggestions as to where and how to put to get the full affect i'm willing hear!

any and all information is appreciated thanks guys!