Razz,Tazz,Newty,Mmandley, etc.

Need help to control tower speakers without blowing the inside boat. common problem.

232mr hu 1 rca pre-out
1 6 channel jl amp
cabins on 1&2
towers on 3&4 with Pac lc1 control.
Sub on 5&6
bow on the Hu unit

Problem the towers get only as loud as the cabins. I can turn them up and down but can't exceed the cabins. therefore deaf boat riders.( i literally had the kids covering there ears, but the rider could not hear that well)

If i put the pac lc1 on channels 1&2, then the bow and the towers blast.

See if my solution is correct,

rewire bow speaker ala newtys diagram for 3 ohm, and either get another lc1 or move the lc1 to the cabins and switch the towers for on/off( don't want them running all the time.) or get an eq.

Thanks as always, you technoligically challenged moomba ownerr