For those who plan and changing their pumps or the flow of the water in the valves, here is some news. I tried several things but nothing worked. First of all I was on the lake when I did this test. Even with my 1200gph pumps and stock valves, the water trickled out. Bummer!!!! Now I removed the spring, as suggested here on the site. The water was flowing. Great right. Not really. With the boat floating in the water, the spring out, and the pumps off, the water was still flowing through the valve. Now a better test. Still with the springs out, i was driving at 20 mph and the bags filled up by them self. I drained the bags and put the spring back in. The bags did not fill. I do not know what to do any more. My dealer told me that it will cost $2000.00 to retro my boat to the new system. Do not really want to spend that money especially if I have already done all the work. I have 3 intakes with 3 pumps for all the bags. One pump per bag. Really frustrated. Please help