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    Default Project - Fresh Water Strainer...thoughts?

    I want to add fresh water strainer to my boat, '02 OB LSV. From what I understand there is a strainer in the transmission cooler but have not checked. If so, that one would be a beetyoch to check/clean regularly.

    I am not sure of the measurement of the Sherwood strainer with the elbows so I am hoping someone has been there before and can add some insight.

    I prefer not to move the fitting on the vdrive just from the fear factor. The one picture I found had the fitting on the vdrive turned up but it appears on my rig there is not even enough room with my floor cover. I donít see an option as to locating after the vdrive either prior to the trans cooler.

    I currently see 2 options. I am not sure of the effect of adding the extra 90ís but it seems option 2 would be the best.
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