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    Default My Swivel Seat Mod

    I was at work, killing time digging through our metal scrap and found a nice piece of 3/16" stainless plate. I got to thinking about my swivel project. It would allow me a low profile swivel install and would be plenty strong. So after a few bud light lime's and some metal fab on the peice of stainless I went to it. To my surprise I found that I could move the seat over so it was center on the steering wheel, and still swivel it amost 110 degrees.
    The seat back was just high enough to slip right over the arm rest.
    The swivel I picked up from boaters world bolted right up to the factory threaded inserts on the seat. All I had to do was add a poly spacer (cutting board) between the seat ant the swivel. I also had to add the riser in the back, so the seat sat level when turned around.
    I think I'm really going to like this mod for surfing.
    I'm very happy with the result as indicated in the last picture!!
    BTW thanks Chillyx for the motivation.
    My wife is getting tired of me "playing" as she calls it in the boat. I hope she doesn't make me choose between her and the boat. I'd kinda miss my wife... ha ha ha.

    Notice how center the seat sets.

    90 degrees

    110 degrees
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