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    Default Running cables from one side of boat to other.

    So i am about to install a sub under the seat behind the driver on my 08 outback V. Does anyone know the best way to run the new speaker wires? I see on the floor there is screws. If i undo them will the floor popup allowing me access to run the new wires?
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    one option might be to follow the electrical that goes under the ski locker/center ballast locker.. there is a grouping of electrical that goes from the battery to the drivers side foot area.. may can do that.... I think they run inside the ski locker if memory serves me correct..

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    I just ran mine up around through the bow. Routing under the floor sounds like a P.I.T.A. and it was a lot easier to go up and around.
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    Jester, ive had the floor up on my 03 lsv-not fun. had to replace the steering cable. anyway when the floor is finaly all unscrewed it will lift up easily-just heavy and akward. if it does not lift easily there are still screws holding it down. some where hidin under the seats going into the floor from the side.
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    I ran all my new wires uo and around the bow of the boat.
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    You may not get what you are looking for when you pull the floor. I am not sure if you will have access to get the wires to go where you want them to. I have on 02 LSV which from my knowledge (take it for what its worth) is the same hull. In the thread below for replacing the steering cable, you can see what it looks like under the floor. No real access to the stereo area. I ran mine around the bow as well.

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