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    Default stability

    Ian, now that you've finished he seat swivel, do you just love it? is it pretty stable, or does it rock side to side. Inquiring minds want to know.
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    I haven't finished it, I'm lazy and its cold; my garage isn't heated

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    I am looking forward to seeing it finished. If your garage is cold you could always do what my collage roommates and i did to hear it up. get a bottle of rubing alc and light it on fire. Burns clean with no mess afterwords. Also does great on heating up the area or lighting your friends on fire.
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    I would just cut my losses and buy this guys than you know it will work
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    Natz, did you put this in? I just wonder if it requires drilling or if it fits some standard bolt pattern. I also wonder if it makes the seat sit up higher.

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    I was wondering the same thing. Also, Look at the handle. It is on the wrong side. I wonder if the handle is universal? Can it be placed on the other side of the slide. I would love to get the spec sheets on it.

    I found the website here is the install link.
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    I think with that platform you would have to go all the way to just floor and then just put that in with your seat.

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