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Michael - With this new web site I find myself looped into someone's photo. For example, in the "what boats have you owned" thread on Pride & Joy, I clicked on tprkolbas' link to the photo of his boat. After viewing the photo I wanted to return to Pride & Joy. Clicking on the back button simply puts the same photo on the screen. The only way back to Pride & Joy was starting all over again with the Moomba web site url. Kind of inconvenient and a discincentive to view photos. This has happened today with a number of different posts that have links to pictures. What am I doing wrong? Please advise. Thanks. - Deerfield
I've checked the what you've described and haven't been able to duplicate it, but I haven't checked while turning off javascript using Firefox's NoScript's plugin. Since the showing of the closeups is powered by javascript by default there might be a hangup in the script. Please let me know which browser you are using so I can investigate it further.

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I figured it out. Its nice to see a help desk here. I really am liking this new format. Thanks
Congratulations on getting it to work - I apologize for not getting back sooner on this - the opening of the week has been a little hectic.