Thinking about adding a tower. I have a 2001 OB LS, so I could order the New Dimension Tower which appears to me to be just like the factory tower for the current OB and OBV. But monster tower has the new MT2, which to me looks pretty good. I've read nothing but good things about monster tower on this message board. I read some posts here that indicated the monster tower was more rigid and sturdy and less likely to give gelcoat cracks than the New Dimension. That kind of makes sense given the monster tower has thicker diameter tubing, and while I can't tell for sure, apparently has a superior mounting base system. Any thoughts? I LOVE the factory tower for the current MOBIUS LS and LSV, but am just lukewarm about the one for the OB, which is what fits my boat.

I read a very old post by the monster tower guy on this website that said he recommends factory towers where available, and monster is simply to service those customers who don't have a factory option. I think maybe he was just trying to keep the peace with Skier's Choice while advertising his product on their website?

Any thoughts on sturdiness/gelcoat cracking for monster tower vs. new dimension/factory?

Anybody install or see installed a MT2 monster tower (the newer version)?

If you've put it on your boat, I'd love pictures of it. There are only a couple pictures of this new tower on their website, but it looks pretty good. Here's one: