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    Default Georgia Tech Moomba Outback

    Many thanks to Skiers Choice (Moomba) and Atlanta Marine for helping Georgia Tech choose and get a quality ski boat to practice with. Our boat has pulled our skiing practices and been a safety/pickup boat for our tournament this fall.

    We are very satisfied with the quality of the boat, the abundance of cupholders (particularly by the drivers seat), the rear storages, and large connected front storage are extremely useful.

    Wake With skiers who ski tournaments behind Mastercrafts, Malibus, and Nautiques with practice lengths off to 35' off we were satisfied with the Moomba wake. At 15' off we found the bump just noticeably bigger than the Malibu LXI - while the wake was bigger than a Nautique it's softness is a notable compromise. When practicing at and beyond 32' off we're before the bump and going too fast to notice the difference.

    Compromise While we also have a wakeboard boat (Tige' 20v) some of our better and dedicated boarders and skaters have enjoyed our outback's fuel economy with reasonable wake (with wake plate).

    Negatives The seats are not plush like our other boat, but that just makes our skier change a little quicker.

    About Us The Georgia Tech Water Ski club has been around since the late 1970s. The club competes with its local NCWSA Conference (the South Atlantic Conference). This fall we made 8th at eastern regionals with a top skier rank of 21st. We slalom, barefoot, wakeboard, wakeskate, kneeboard, trick, and jump. Our boats are kept at Holiday Harbor on Allatoona. We're happy to be growing and be a great escape for students to the lake.

    Georgia Tech Water Ski
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    My wife was on the GT water skiing team way back in the early 80's. We got together after we found out we had water skiing in common. We used to keep our old 1975 MasterCraft at Holiday Marina. We still have the boat but maybe you will see us at the Atlanta Boat show in January. We have plans to sit down and have a serious talk with Atlanta Marine. We visited them this year and after they let us drive an Outback V around for an hour we decided they are really nice people and will get our business! But the boat will have to be blue on dark blue!

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    Default early pictures

    Zegm, that's a really cool story, I can't wait to hear the rest. Maybe the club will do something for the 30th anniversary and alumni will come back and meet the current club.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ed G
    Question - why aren't there registration numbers on the boat?
    Most of these pictures were from break in day or just after - before we got the state to set everything up registration wise. Most of the new pictures I have are only what's behind the boat
    Georgia Tech Water Ski
    Tournament info

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