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    so i have had my outback v for 3 months and realized that it is an awsome boat (we put 150 hours on it) . we have loved it! but we came across an 06 mostly black (pattern c) lsv with loaded for an even swap and it has only 120 hours on it.... i am stoked. the wake is meatier and the surf wake is awsome... i cant wait till the spring again.. i only have about two weeks left of te season......

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    You'll have to change your screen name.

    p.s. 150 hours in 3 months... WOW you leave the engine running too much !

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    no i use it every chance i get!... how do i change the screen name....

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    I am in the same boat.. As I think BUtta pointed out....It's kinda like a tattoo of an old Girlfriend! HAHA
    I guess you can start over with a new one...but can't change...

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