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    Default Few questions while researching the Mobius LSV

    I'm in the market of upgrading my '02 glastron 205gx boat and have been looking at the different models from Moomba, Tige and Malibu. I have a few questions about the Moomba Mobius LSV model.

    While I like the pricing of the Moomba a lot more than all of the other models, I unfortunately have been told conflicting reviews from the dealers. I'm wanting to know how the moomba is in choppy water and compared to the 22ve from tige? I realize that these are different boats from my runabout, but as I'm in Montana and the dealer doesn't have any in stock, it's hard to "test-drive" one... I also realize that this may be a little biased for Moomba on this site, but was hoping to hear from actual owners instead of dealers...

    My other question is in regards to a boat that the dealer is getting in shortly. It states on the copy of the order sheet that I have that it is a 2008 model. It is pretty much loaded... (While on the moomba site and configuring, there was only a handful of options not selected). My question is in regards to base pricing, it appears as if the '08 is about $1600 more. Does this sound right? The dealer is also waiving the $1200 setup and prep charge other than that every is pretty much msrp...

    Appreciate any and all responses!


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    I have an 05 LSV so the hulls are a little different in design. Wakeboard boats as a general rule are not very good in choppy water as comfort of ride is a secondary concern. My buddy just bought a 07 Malibu V-ride and I have ridden in it often. the ride in that boat is not much better than mine but it is a little bit....not enough for an additional 12k...but still a touch better

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    The '06-'07 (and presumably the '08 ) hulls have a deeper V and are much better through a chop than the '05. Can't compare to a 22vs, but the '06 Tige's I test drove were all bouncy.


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    Centurion boats supposidly have the deepest V hull for a wakeboard boat. Prices are closer to Tige, but still in between Moomba and Tige.

    You might be able to find a leftover heavily discounted that would be the same as a new loaded Moomba at MSRP.

    If you are torn between 2 or more boats, look hard as the dealer's knowledge and service department. Good service is hard to find.

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