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    Default 2019 Moomba Makai - 289hrs Red/Black-Gray Interior $89,900 / Birmingham, AL

    440933936_3647443195470614_4334959996298993162_n.jpg439258965_3647444252137175_3253119552476706866_n.jpg438230455_3647444312137169_7367545883227034704_n.jpg438230826_3647444288803838_153928101372501739_n.jpg439120977_3647444342137166_147032200048738590_n.jpgSelling our boat to upgrade. Great boat, no problems. Love surfing on it. Raptor 400, 6.2L, 4000lb built in ballast, service all completed ready for summer. Flow Surf 2.0, Touchscreen, Autowake, Soundproofing added to engine, Boat Cover, upgraded towing/tires/wheels, 289hrs (and will go up a little each week). Still under factory warranty. Additional 10” JL sub and amp. Surf’s great! Bimini top, tons of storage in this huge boat, underwater swim lights, trailer included. phone Two Zer0 5, 24 three-84 two two.
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    2019 Moomba Makai

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    Good luck with sale, what is the upgrade going to be?

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    *Edit - working now*

    Not able to see the photos. It's probably user error, but I just get a ? mark on the thumbnail and when I click it's the spinning wheel of death. Any hints, tips, or tricks?
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