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    Default Fresh Air Exhaust (FAE) Group Buy - Spring 2024

    I noticed this on social media and wanted to pass this along:

    Hey everyone, I reached out to see if FAE had any discounts before we bought the surf pipe for our 2016 Mojo and they let me know about this for the Moomba/Supra group!

    ORDERS MUST BE PLACED FROM 03/29 – 4/6/24
    10% OFF – USE CODE: SUMO10*

    *Discounts applies to both FAE and muffler replacement when ordering both the FAE and muffler replacement.
    Discount applies to all direct, retail sales only. Cannot be combined with other offers.

    Whether you are making repairs or wanting to be prepared to hit the water this season, now is the time to order!


    We have a surf exhaust for every Supra or Moomba boat, both single and dual exhaust outlet. Our Fresh Air Exhaust systems are the original surf exhaust, working to make boating safer and more enjoyable since 2004. With the FAE installed, you will experience reduced exhaust fumes (include carbon monoxide) by at least 90% and reduced engine noise, up to 50%. We are the cleanest and quietest exhaust system for every inboard boat! If your boat does not already have a Fresh Air Exhaust, now’s a great time to experience the difference FAE makes!

    Spring is also a great time to check your fiberglass muffler for any cracks or leaks. We offer stainless muffler replacements that will not degrade over time like fiberglass. You can learn more about our muffler replacement at:

    Discounts available on all direct, retail sales only. If both an FAE and muffler replacement are being ordered, both discounts can be used together.

    When checking out online, please note that no charge is automatically made to your card entered at checkout. Our team will follow up with each boat owner to verify details of the order and request measurements, if necessary, to complete the FAE build. MEASUREMENTS ARE NOT NEEDED TO PLACE YOUR ORDER AND LOCK IN DISCOUNT. Our current turnaround time is an estimated one to four weeks (estimated based on current production leads/subject to change).

    Any questions can be directed to our team at [email protected] or by calling 512-647- 7321. Thank you for the continued support of our family owned and operated company and mission to ensure that everyone is breathing Fresh Air while they’re on the water!

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    Those look good. Mine from the factory has a horizontal stabilizer tab or"wing" as I have heard some call it near the bottom. What mfg FAE does Supra/Moomba put on their boats from the factory?

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