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    Certainly varies from lake to lake, another observation this year on the 2 lakes I frequent most.

    There are significantly less wakeboats this year.

    I am talking 75% less. It is very noticeable.

    Midweek, I am the only wakeboat out there.

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    Yes, my bad. I typed Michigan when I was thinking Wisconsin. It's probably because I posted that link here since it was about the same topic. And I agree with everything being said here. I have friends that fish, and so do I, but it's not my passion. There are certainly some that think lakes should only be for fishing. And I do believe there are more courteous people oit there than not. But, like was said here, everyone remembers the jerks and lumps them in with the others, thinking that is how everyone in that particular group acts.

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    Interesting read.
    The dealer mentioned at the end seems spot on. Educate and if it means losing a customer over bad practices so be it...
    Education over enforcement...
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