I have never used Autowake much, only every now and then. After a lot of yrs surfing I have a pretty good feel most of the time getting the wave where I think it should be. I will usually fill all ballast full ( I have lead and extra bags if needed) and then just move a few people around to get the right amount of pitch and roll. If the wave isn't looking so good I will flip the screen to see what the pitch are roll are at (actual) vs what Autowake has them set at. This gives me an idea if i'm in the ballpark. If i'm close to the Autowake set numbers I will try moving someone to get a little more roll and I will also try bumping up the speed a tiny bit. Sometimes a little adjustment in one person or the speed is enough to clean up the wave.

It can be a little frustrating every now and then when the wave looks perfect and then you just swap out a rider, not change anything at all, and then the wave on the next rider isn't as good. I get this happening from time to time and all I can do is scratch my head. It's weird.

As far as the settings go on the tabs I usually don't fool with them too much. They do change from 60 to 65 to 70 depending on what the computer is reading ( I guess). I have been surfing along with a tab at 60 and manually changed it (while surfing) to see how it affected the wave and I can't say I've seen a big change so I usually don't fool much with the tabs, only the wake plate which I usually have somewhere between 0-30.