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Thread: Need help

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    Default Need help

    I have other threads posted here with what's all broken on my boat but in a nutshell electronics are screwed. No throttle with cruise control, tabs not working, displacement sensors not working, tabs, autowake, etc not working.

    I received my 21 mojo brand new July of last year so basically 15 months ago. Only boat purchase prior to this was an old 17' hydrasport for 4k. This was the largest purchase ive ever made besides my house. It was supposed to be the dream purchase for the family and has been nothing but a nightmare. It has been in the shop for greater then 20% of the time ive owned it. This time i dropped it off August 12th and they told me 2 weeks. It's been over 8. My dealer called me last week and told me they have no clue how to fix it. They have contracted skiers choice who has no clue how to fix it. They have tried software updates and changes and whatever else they can think of. They are now telling me i can come back and pick up my broken boat until they can figure out a fix.

    I just don't even know what to do. Buying a moomba has been the biggest mistake of my life and i regret it everyday. Im just lost at this point and making the payment on the 15th of every month is sickening.

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    An option would be to contact a lawyer.

    Under both state lemon laws and under the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, consumers are responsible for notifying the manufacturer or the company that holds the warranty about the issue. Beyond notification, the company cannot require further conditions or responsibilities on the consumer.

    Depending on your warranty, however, you may be required to allow the manufacturer or the company holding the warranty the opportunity to repair your boat. The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act requires that a reasonable number of repair attempts be performed and, if the boat still contains the defect, the company is then obligated to offer a refund or replacement under the warranty.
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    reach out to drew tinker at skiers choice. have spoken to him a few times and he seems like a genuine guy. give him the whole story and I suspect both of you will be able to find a solution that works for all.

    boats like this are hand built not assembly line like cars so issues and lemon boats will happen. sounds like your dealer is not that versed in how to truly troubleshoot this and hopefully drew can help get you and them on the right path toward a successful 2023 boating season either in your current or in a new whip....

    good luck and keep us all posted.
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    Sounds like all the parties need to get on a phone call and make a plan with a timetable. Nothing against your dealer, but I (personally) would want to hear from SC or Indmar when the dealer is working with them. I would be asking when does the situation get to a point where the boat gets sent back to TN to be worked on.

    Give SC a chance to respond and make it right - sounds like you are. Most social media keyboard warriors start to throw the Attorney and Sue words, but it's better in the long run if all of that CAN be avoided.

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    I don't know much about the "lemmon laws" but this sounds like it would apply to me. I'm really sorry to hear of all these problems, i really hope you can get this resolved. good luck and keep us informed on what's happening.
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    Ask your dealer to send boat back to skiers or to give you a new mojo. Theres no reason for that, mistakes happen, software reflashes dont fix everything and in my previous career I had several cars that I thought I had fixed but as soon as owner picked them up issues began again. I hate to hear you have had so many problems. At this point SC needs to get it back and figure it out. It sucks to make payments on anything that is defective but give them a chance to make it right.
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    Default Need help

    Curious if you have talked to Skiers directly and if so, what did they say?

    Having been on the SC tour and seeing 25+ year old boats getting a hull warranty taken care of, they appear to stand by their warranty claims.

    Give them a chance my friend.

    I certainly understand the frustration and disappointment. I would be livid but proactively in direct contact with SC.

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    I feel for you dude. Paying for something so expensive and not getting to use it would crush me. I suggest following up with all that's been said above and run it all to ground. Keep us posted as well, there maybe more details that we can help with, (I have the same boat/year and encountered some issues with things like the tabs not resetting, and having to shutdown/restart).

    I will also say, that there is a silver lining if they can make it right - when you put enough people or modded extra weight onto this boat, it gives you the experience you were obviously initially looking for and then some.

    We hosted 7 families over July, taught a dozen new people to surf, and got feedback from the ones that already could, that had that they couldn't believe how easy it was to surf compared to other boats (THE PUSH).

    Hoping you can get to the end of the tunnel here and get some good news.
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    It seems like the issue is with your dealer and possible incompetence. I had a lot of issues with a new MC the first season. My dealer told me to drop the boat off at the end of the season ( even with the issues, it was still “usable”) and they would keep it in heated storage and sort through all the issues. I picked the boat up the next spring and all was fixed and the tank was even full! For them to tell to come get your inoperable boat because they can’t figure it out is inexcusable! I agree with MJHSupra, get on the phone with the other two parties and sort through this. I think you will be pleased with what Skiers will come up with. I’m sorry that you have a such and unpleasant ownership experience up till now but once you are in direct contact with SC things will start looking up.
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    What a mess.

    The key to these situations is to stay calm and be firm and persistent.

    Do not pick up the boat, out of sight out of mind for them. They can store the boat (and you expect it to be stored inside and winterized) until it's repaired or they can send it to skiiers to repair.
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