I'm looking at upgrading our 2012 Outback DD from the factory Moomba Cruise to a ZeroOff system this off season. I've checked with ZeroOff and their Standard 3-Event Kit is compatible with the boat, Indmar 5.7 with EControls ECM. Most of the other ski boats on our lake are using PP systems; going the PP route would have let me use an external PP display which would save me some extra work, but that's not an option given the year / engine control module on my boat.

I'm hoping folks here can help with advice on a couple of specific questions and general advice on installing ZO.

ZO Head Unit Location: I need to remove either my Tach or Speedo to make space for the 5" ZO Display. I'm leaning towards installing ZO in the Speedo location but there is a bit of a complication as the Fuel Gauge is integrated into the Speedo.


New Fuel Gauge: I have an empty 2" gauge location on my dash, I want to install a Fuel gauge in the blank location. The factory Speedo is connected with a 8 PIN connector (7 wires), I'm not sure which wires I need to splice into to hookup a new fuel gauge. I've been searching the forum and the web and have not been able to find any under dash wiring diagrams to assist here.



ZO Wiring Harness: Does anyone have experience installing a ZO in a ~2012 Moomba? How difficult is it to connect into the existing under dash harnesses?

Moomba Cruise: Since ZO will replace the factory Moomba Cruise, I'm assuming that I will disconnect the factory cruise control, but I'm curious if this will cause me any issues.

Thanks all.