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    Default ZerOff Install in a 2012 Outback DD

    I'm looking at upgrading our 2012 Outback DD from the factory Moomba Cruise to a ZeroOff system this off season. I've checked with ZeroOff and their Standard 3-Event Kit is compatible with the boat, Indmar 5.7 with EControls ECM. Most of the other ski boats on our lake are using PP systems; going the PP route would have let me use an external PP display which would save me some extra work, but that's not an option given the year / engine control module on my boat.

    I'm hoping folks here can help with advice on a couple of specific questions and general advice on installing ZO.

    ZO Head Unit Location: I need to remove either my Tach or Speedo to make space for the 5" ZO Display. I'm leaning towards installing ZO in the Speedo location but there is a bit of a complication as the Fuel Gauge is integrated into the Speedo.


    New Fuel Gauge: I have an empty 2" gauge location on my dash, I want to install a Fuel gauge in the blank location. The factory Speedo is connected with a 8 PIN connector (7 wires), I'm not sure which wires I need to splice into to hookup a new fuel gauge. I've been searching the forum and the web and have not been able to find any under dash wiring diagrams to assist here.



    ZO Wiring Harness: Does anyone have experience installing a ZO in a ~2012 Moomba? How difficult is it to connect into the existing under dash harnesses?

    Moomba Cruise: Since ZO will replace the factory Moomba Cruise, I'm assuming that I will disconnect the factory cruise control, but I'm curious if this will cause me any issues.

    Thanks all.


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    After additional research and searching under the dash, I can't find any "plug-n-play" connectors in the Moomba wiring harness to connect the Zero Off head unit. For Indmar engines with EControl ECM's that don't have 'plug-n-play' connections the ZO installation instructions call for tapping into the CAN Hi (+) and CAN Low (-) wires.

    I reached out to Indmar who got back to me right away with the ECM wiring diagram and Pinout Details for the 80 PIN ECM connector. CAN 1- is J1-64 and CAN 1+ is J1-65.

    I've been trying to locate a wiring diagram for the Moomba under dash harnesses, the closest dealer to me sent a request in to Skiers Choice, but I haven't heard back yet.

    Has anyone traced the wiring going to the Moomba Cruise? I'm wondering if it is connected into the CAN+ and CAN- cables. If the CAN cables are there along with necessary power and ignition power cables it should be easy to tap into under the dash for the ZO connectors.

    Alternatively, any advice on how to track down a service manual or wiring diagram for the under dash wire harness in a 2012 Outback?

    Tx, Sean

    ECM PIN Out.jpg

    Indmar Assault 340 Wiring (2009-2012).jpg

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