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Yep in C-Bus. I didn't realize Hern had Centurion. I have always liked them. Only seen 2 on the water up my way. I like the looks of the Ri235 but not sure my budget could handle it. Also, I hear for the money buy Supra.

I'll have to head that way the next demo weekend at Caesars.

I have been to No Wake in Cincy and priced a G21 before I realized my crew needs a 23ft boat. It was several years ago and I though $140k msrp was bad. I rode in a GS21 as I thought we were still going to ski but that has taken a large back seat to surfing (and my knees are thankful). The SL would be perfect but $200k hurts. My be looking used again next fall.

It odd to hear all the bad about newer Bu's. They always seemed to be the brand all others were chasing. I know it surfed awesome but yes he had the PNP bags in the lockers.
Look on malibu crew they have a thread about the QC on the new boats and it seems like a lot of it is gel coat and electrical gremlins. But there are also several folks complaing of hydrolocking their engines as well. Thats would be the one that would worry me more than anything else.