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    Default 2022 Supra SL450 Surf Settings

    Anyone have any surf settings out there yet? Tried it quick but need to have a starting point

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    Watch Wake9 channel on YouTube for their review of the 2022 SL and optimal settings.

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    Default 2022 Supra SL450 Surf Settings

    Wake 9 is spot on, the Supras love 8.5-9.5 pitch. 2-4 roll goofy.

    I have my SA set up with 700# lead so that 100% ballast gets me at 8.5 pitch and 2.5 roll with no autowake with light crew.

    Then as we add bigger crews, I add peeps in the rear until I get maxed at 10 pitch and I think 10 is too much and bow rise is uncomfortable to drive. If I reach 10, I just move a person midship.

    Start at 8.5 pitch and move higher. Also keep the wake plate at 0, adding plate kills your wave.

    With 4-5 crew in boat, 9.5 pitch 700# lead, the wave is powerful as you would ever need it.

    I always learn something new from Robert, with a bigger crew, I will speed up from 11 to 11.2-11.4

    Wake 9 vids are awesome but keep in mind how much human ballast he has in that boat. Crew size makes a big difference

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    Like everyone says check out Robert' videos he is spot on. Also, SICK BOAT!!
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