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    Default lEngine swap thread ?

    my 05 Moomba Outback with 5.7 indemar had a catastrophic failure in the bottom end,.. crank bearing let go. I bought a brand new GM replacement long block from Michigan Motors, not a rebuild. I am a fair mechanic have replaced plenty of car and truck and motorcycle motors, but I have never replaced a boat engine. Was hoping to find a good swap thread that I could follow. I have the engine on an engine stand and I'm ready to start swapping the intake and all the externals first just looking for a little guidance for reassurance.
    Thanks in advance.....

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    Don't have a thread for you but I've done it. Nothing complicated if you're remotely familiar with engines. It's just a small block chevy, nothing complicated.
    Take pictures as you disassemble the old one and put hardware in labeled ziplocks as you remove it and you'll be good to go.
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    Might find someone on the Supra Forum. They mainly restore the older models (not saying an 2005 is old b/c they restore mid-80s direct drive), but they talk more engines and stringers vs what you will find here.

    They may offer some info on getting everything aligned properly.

    But not sure how any people logon to that page anymore . . .
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    Quote Originally Posted by MJHSupra View Post
    Might find someone on the Supra Forum.
    Great advice right there. A lot of "old iron" on the Supra side.

    I had mine done at an engine shop back around 2008 after freeze damage. Pretty straightforward from what I could see. Just a tight fit and you'll need a high lifting cherry picker, crane or similar. I think you may want to hold off on things like water pump, exhaust manifolds, etc. so you have more more wiggle room to stab it in if needed. Although I think the hind end of a 2005 is longer (more room) than my 2001 has.
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    If you have access to a tractor with a front end loader you can use it to pick up the engine out of the boat. Other alternatives are using a cherry picker and removing wheels from boat trailer to lower it down enough to clear . Its just nuts and bolts. Pull out as a unit, sit old engine on ground ( or an old tire will hold it great) and just swap out part for part to your new block. Good time to clean everything, and reassemble with good quality gaskets so you dont have to do it twice.
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