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    Default Anyone know where I can find Rad-a-Cage tower bolt


    This past fall I was trailering and there is a hex bolt that attaches the tower to the boat & it came loose & felt out. It's the pivot bolt when I take the tower down, so not the one with the knob. I tried buying a replacement from Macs of a couple different sizes, but the head is too big to fit within the hole in the tower & thus even when I tighten it, the tower is still a little loose and rattles on the water. Anyone know where I can track down that bolt by chance?

    Thank you

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    I know when people were looking for the knobs, some went to McMaster-Carr or Granger.

    Did you try to call the tower manufacturer for a specific size/number? I think that was Xtreme?

    Living in Knoxville, I was missing a knob on my previous Supra. I drove over there and the guys gave me a few knobs.
    2018 Supra SL400

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