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    Quote Originally Posted by cucv View Post
    Got any pics of the project? What are you looking at for colors, tile, counter tops etc? We are looking to do a few bathrooms this winter.

    Even though I run CAD every day for work I still find myself using graph paper and pencil as well for home projects often. A good designer from a cabinet dealer can be worth their weight in gold and free. The canned software they use is amazingly fast and they know all the little tricks. I had spent hours and hours over several years on a tough kitchen design, the cabinet designer banged it out in an hour or two. It involved 4 little tricks that I wouldn't have thought of.

    Google sketch up is free and I've had my kids play with it.
    th it.

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    I didnít mean to threadjack, but the replies are interesting. Today Iím relocating my kitchen and laundry items for a kitchen remodel. I used the ikea project planner to build my plans. This will be the second ikea kitchen Iíve done. Everyone loved our last house remodel. We essentially did the whole 1100 sq ft main floor and 700 sq ft basement with exception of the basement bathroom. My wife was working nights, I had injured both shoulders at work, our daughter and two kids were living with us, and we had our teenage daughter as well, and it was the dead of winter and holidays. I did nearly all the work myself

    I donít know why, but this kitchen project is so much easier and Iím having a lot of anxiety over it. I guess itís because weíve moved away from the community I lived in all my life and knew the key businesses that could steer me the right way. Plus my friend network was saturated with craftsmen.

    This was our last house kitchen.

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    Nice and shiny! Are you using Boat Bling on all those surfaces? LOL!

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    Ill start a new thread ltr.
    We opted not to use a cabinet designer as they cost money one way or another. Cabinets r coming from an online company. Used them before.
    Our last house we gutted to the drywall and redid it all. Total cost was 24.3k.
    Google 1067 calico ridge dr henderson 89011 for pics when we sold it 2 yrs ago.
    I did all the work but paint and a little tape/texture. Farmed that out but did everything else. 2 months start to finish working nights and weekends.
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