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    That doesn't look anything like what was in the video link.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HFarr View Post
    That doesn't look anything like what was in the video link.

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    After reviewing the video, I'm glad mine doesn't look like the vid.

    Mine must have been an early production run before the coloring was added. It was one of the first 2022s built.
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    Default Gator step

    We opted for the light graphite gator step as we have turned our build specs in this week. Here is the picture I got from our dealership to see the concrete and wood grain. Thought you guys might like the pic.

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    Moomba still offers the light gray GatorStep as the base. you can upgrade to the concrete or wood grain (including gunnels and the bow). some boats you can upgrade to add the gunnels and the bow in light gray. or that at least what's on the configurator, maybe you can do it on all boats, know there is still some kinks being worked out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SSurfer321 View Post
    I have the concrete in my 22 Mondo.

    It's just grey. There isn't any inherent color variation. Pay no attention to the penguin driving.

    Your flooring looks like standard scraped/brushed flooring like my 2019 has. Perhaps they didn’t have the concrete in time when they built your boat.
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