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    Quote Originally Posted by Wren View Post
    We're also considering a move down to Austin right now. We visited not too long ago and the lakes down there are insane.
    I just spent the last four days house hunting in Austin. Prepare to move fast and deal with crazy sellers. Our offer almost wasnít accepted because the sellers didnít like the type of lender we were using. Made no sense, because they were a national company.

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    Quote Originally Posted by daltong View Post
    Sorry for the late reply, this forum is constantly logging me out even tho im a constant lurker lol.

    We do have a boat currently, We are coming from a 06 Super Air Nautique SV211 TE. Pueblo hasn't been bad this year, its certainly better than Chatfield; but I'd have to say my favorite spot to go is John Martin but the drive sucks ass. We are in the Glen in CO springs so Pueblo just makes sense. Curious to see what route you ended up going, we decided with the gap being so close and after finding out that the Mojo wouldn't clear our 8ft garage doors to Just take the plunge and build a Supra SA. We picked out options and colors a few Fridays ago and it builds in October. We are stoked af
    In case your dealer didnít clarify it, an SA will clear an 8 foot door with the board racks removed.

    But so should a mojo with the pro tower option.

    Congrats on the SA, itís such a killer boat.

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    From the springs here as well. John Martin used to be a Nice lake. It’s so low now that you can’t get a boat in. If your up for driving we go to Swanson lake in Nebraska every weekend Always get glass and they don’t require checks or seals on the boat. We have left our rv on the beach all summer there. Worth checking out if you can make a weekend out if it.

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