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    Default Replacement Pierburg fuelpump for 2004 Mobius LS - Indmar 5.7 TBI

    I have some issue's with the fuel pump getting starved because of a clogged filter.
    After the last two times I cleaned the small filter at the intake the engine is still running rough.

    The engine is winterised now and I am just gathering information on spare parts before continuing with looking into the issue.
    Will also be cleaning the fuel tank and pulling that pump. In Europe they have been adding up to 10% bio enthanol to fuel since last year.
    So it is messing with components a bit I think.

    The current fuel pump that is installed does not seem Original.
    On the side it shows as Pierburg USA with two numbers, 03T071 and 7.21659.0
    I cannot find an exact match to these references.

    I approched Pierburg in Germany.
    They responded that I should look for an 7.21659.70.0

    Specs for the pump from a random parts site are:
    Pressure (bar): 6,5
    Voltage (Volt): 12
    Diameter (mm): 60
    Technical information number: SI 1761-21
    Pressure (Psi): 94,3
    Amperage [A]: 12
    Length [mm]: 178,5

    Can anyone confirm that these specs will work?
    Mind that I am from the Netherlands, so ordering any replacement parts from America is quite a hassle.

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    Anyone with tips?
    Have to order something soon if I want to swap it out while it is still inside for the winter.

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