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    Default What is the actual color of the "Brown" Gatorstep?

    So back when I thought for sure I was buying a Supreme S238 (the one they offered for $101.8 and turned down $99.9) I was going through color options and ordered the gatorstep sample pack (one of the bennies of the Supreme is you choose you two colors of GS, which is cool for an entry level brand). The sample pack has about 10 different colors in the brown family. Things like toffee, butter rum, Driftwood, Whiskey Barrell, Teak, Almond...etc..

    Well now that I have shifted to being virtually certain of ordering a Moomba (unless my MB dealer gets drunk and gives a ridiculous offer), my choices are obviously grey and brown. Does anyone which of the browns in my sample pack will be the one that the Moomba comes with?


    Getting Close and Getting Nervous!! LOL

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    It is Butter Rum
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    Quote Originally Posted by TXSurf4 View Post
    It is Butter Rum
    Thanks TX!!

    Wish they offered some choice....well I guess they can choose a Supra

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    just say no to MB
    we liked a lot of what we saw and they do build a nice boat but the tower looks like a giant homemade erector set and the steering wheel is way too skinny.
    I was also told to be wary of bow rise when surfing but no firsthand knowledge of that.
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