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    Default Debris in transmission cooler filter

    Is this enough debris to restrict flow to the point of overheating?

    There is what looks to be a piece of an impeller vane, but there was nothing wrong with the impeller when removed (replaced with new one anyway). I remember one failing but it’s been at least 5 years or so since that happened, and I replace my impeller yearly. Perhaps it’s been lodged there the whole time and other build up finally restricted flow? I’ve never checked this filter (more of a grate) until now (learned I needed to check using search feature here for overheating issues).

    I’ve replaced thermostat (it opened with boiling water test but to be safe went with a new one), thermostat housing (corrosion), both exhaust manifolds and risers (corrosion) and checked all hoses (10 yrs of brackish water took its toll, even with flushing after every time out). So far it is running fine now in driveway, staying around 160ish. I haven’t had a chance to lake test yet. Really just curious if this could be what caused the overheating issue to begin with.
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    Not much surface area in the transmission cooler so I would say that would be enough to cause an issue. I always check mine for debris when winterizing.
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