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    Default Catalytic Converter Question

    2019 Möbius with 25 hours on it. Got an error message re catalytic converter. Mechanic from the dealerships came out and ran diagnostics and everything was perfect. Pulled both sensors and they were slightly wet. He asked how we use the boat and I told him when are kids are here we surf, wakeboard etc. and run it pretty good. However, when it’s just my wife and me we toodle very slowly all around our lake at maybe 10mph and low rpms. He told me that is the issue and to run the engine hard each time out. I have run the boat twice at moderate speeds and have not gotten any warning light / error message.

    2 questions: 1) does this sound correct? 2) if I run the boat hard for a while can I the toodle around at low speed/rpms?


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    I read something else about someone posted about running the motor harder for a little while before putting it away. It was from someone who worked on motors.
    If you were doing a lot of surfing or idling?

    Might have been on here or on the Facebook page . . . . I do not recall the context of the post.
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    old thought process to take cars that have not been driven much/low rpm's out on the freeway every so often and run em at wot to "clean them out".
    same should hold true with boats I would think.
    we run ours at wot the last couple of miles back to the launch and have never had a cel come on.
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    Water should never been on an O2 sensor. There are a number of cases of exhaust leaks between the water jackets and dry portions of the exhausts/CATs.

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    Strange this topic came up as I got this last week when I fired mine up for the first time this season running on the garden hose:

    First time it’s ever thrown a code, I’m hoping when I put it in the water and run it above idle it will clear out.
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