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    Question 2008 Moomba XLV Oil Pressure Light On, VDrive Fluid Empty

    Hi Everyone!

    I am new to the forum here and just picked up a 2008 XLV Gravity Games Edition with 189 hours. When we put it in the water to take to our dock this past weekend, the oil light under the throttle was illuminated red (not the check engine light). Got all the way up to 3k RPMs and the light did not shut off, and it says it should turn off after 1200 RPMs, so I shut off the boat. I went ahead and checked the engine oil level, which was fine, and oil pressure was reading as one would expect.

    After checking these items I moved to the V Drive and it was almost bone dry. We filled it up with SAE 30 and the oil light still did not shut off at any level of RPMs, even with the engine oil, trans fluid, v drive fluid, and engine temp reading at the proper levels. This is where I am looking for some guidance from the members of this community.

    1. Is there a sensor I can check that typically goes bad in these that would cause the that oil light to stay on? After looking over the forums on here I could find it just doesn't seem like it should still be on.

    2. Is it strange that the vdrive was empty on fluid? When reaching out to the previous owner he was very vague but it almost seemed like this has happened before. Do these leak and need to be rebuilt? Not sure if this is a Walter V Drive or not.

    Thank you in advance. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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    Welcome, I don't know the answer as to where the sensor is and i can't remember reading anything about it going bad, maybe someone will have the answer. As far as the V drive leaking i have read something once or twice about them leaking. If i remember correctly i read of someone taking the plate off the bottom of the v drive and either putting a new gasket on or making a new one with some of that Permatex automotive stuff.

    I had an issue a few years back were i was getting a little bit of oily water in the engine compartment and i couldn't figure out where the oil was coming from. I finally reached my hand under the v drive to feel around and got oil on my fingers. There were like 4 - 6 bolts underneath that were tough to get to but i tightened them up and that seemed to fix my problem. That's the only thing i can think of, but if all your oil levels are full i would think you are ok to use the boat even if the light is on.

    did you read this?
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    Well the Walter V-Drives are prone to leak around the lower gasket. If left unnoticed you can lose a lot of the oil since it only holds a quart. Check for leaks around the oil hoses too. The oil pressure switch is also prone to failure as well. Itís located on the port side of the unit and has two wires going to it.

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    This is the v-drive oil pressure switch.
    My v-drive still leaks a little even after replacing the lower gasket and tightening all bolts.
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    Check the wires on the sender to make sure they are attached. Check your drive oil level regularly. I’m not sure if it’s a normal open or closed switch. If it’s open , you could jump the wires and see if the light , if closed then disconnect a wire to see if the light goes out to determine if the switch is bad. Do at own risk
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