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    Default Cargo bimini

    I was talking to a boat dealer last week and he was telling me he had some z5 cargo bimini that have been sitting awhile and he would like to get rid of them. He wants $1,000 for it. I remember awhile ago they use to be a lot more and now I see them on GLS for $1500.

    My question is what do you guys think of this type of bimini? I also see Monster has one for about $900.

    This would be for my 2006 Supra 24V with a Rad-A-Cage tower. I also have to fold down the tower every time I put it back in the garage so Iím also looking for input on whether itís even worth putting one on the boat.


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    my buddy has a Z5 on his XLV and he loves it. He takes the canvas off it when he is towing long distance. It's a bit of a pain to put the canvas back up but not a big deal. He loves it because he also puts a bunch of boards and skis on top of it (it has straps for it) so they are out of the way. $1K sounds like a pretty good deal i think. Just make sure it comes with all the mounting hardware you need as well as the canvas. Can't comment on how that would effect things if you have to put the tower down. That could be a problem. Sorry i can't help you there.
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    I have talked to people with the Z5 and they say the same thing as @996scott. But they are not taking it on/off if the tower folds down. Sounds like if you do not have 2 people available, it could be a PITA every weekend.
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