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    Default Adding amp/speakers to existing setup

    Trying to get my ducks in a row b4 I pull the trigger on tower speakers. This is my first install of any type of audio equipment.

    1. The boat was NOT "prewired for tower speakers with amp" I will be trying to figure out what wires do what in the tower. I have found two quick connect looking devices behind the observer's seat port side. I'm assuming these are for connection to the amp I will be adding? Any ideas on which color wires I should be looking for in the tower to connect speakers to?

    2. When adding the amp I will need a fuse between the amp and battery on the hot side correct? Where will the wire from the amp to the head unit plug in at the head unit? I have a USB looking connection under the helm is this it?

    3. Will it automatically pull up as zone 2 when I plug into the head unit or will something need to be done?

    4. I like the ease of setting the gain on the kicker amp but I have heard that wetsound amps dont need to be set. Is this correct? Also is there an amp that can accomadate 6 incabin speakers a sub and 2 towers without sacrificing quality of a 2 amp setup? What is the amp that's reccomended for this?

    I'm sure more questions will come up but this is all I can think of now. Thanks!
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    As to #1, to clearly state the boat was not pre-wired. So what the wires and colors you are asking about, would not be there. Not pre-wired, would mean one would need to fish wire through the tower from the amp area to the speaker wire holes, run amp power cables with circuit protection, turn-on circuit and signal cables.

    #2 Yes, the new amp's main B+ needs proper circuit protection a its point of termination. Amperage and actual point of termination may very. Which wire from amp to head? Turn-on or RCA?

    #3 Depends on the head unit, and where you connect the RCA. if you do not already see "Zone-2" in the volume menu, its not going to come up simply by making a connection.

    #4. No, that is not correct about the gain. EVERY amp needs to have the gain set. An 8 chnl amp can, BUT, you are going to likely have low wattage available for a pair of tower speakers. Though I suggest at least 2 amps for 3 pair of in-boats, woofer and tower pods, id like to know what tower speakers, woofer and your goals, before making a final call.

    Yes, you will have lots more questions. Bet advice, rely on your audio equipment source, for all the design, setup and tuning details. They should be able to help you with proper amp/driver paring, proper cabling and circuit protection, etc.

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