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    Default 2010 Moomba Mobius LSV wakesurfing

    I got a new to me 2010 Moomba Mobius LSV and canít go ropeless surfing. I have 750lbs in the rear, ski locker and IBS ballast. Also have wakeshaper. Wondering what set up for speed and ballast? Considering upgrading to 1100s in rear but they are 50 x 24 x 24 and my 750s are 50 x 20 x 20 and are busting out of the compartment when full. Please help!

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    Hi I have the same boat as you, my wake is great and go ropeless. I have a wakeshaper, upgrated my left ballast to 750lbs as 1100lbs was told it would be too big by the dealership. My operating speed is 10.5 mph. I put my trim all the way up. Before my wakeshaper I had issues getting a nice wake, but now it's awesome.
    I hope that help
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    I have a 2008 LSV, you need to list the boat to the surf side, I have lead bags( 50 lbs. each) that I put under the seats on the surf side in addition to filling all of my bags full, except the non-surf side (50%-75% full)
    2008 Mobius LSV
    1100's each rear
    570 ski locker
    750 IBS
    Plus bags 625 and lead 650
    Reversible pumps-3
    ACME 1617 prop
    Fresh Air Exhaust
    Ronix shaper

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    It may not seem like you can get more ballast in, but for me it was material when I went from 750s to 1100s (get the panel stiffener from Wakemakers, you canít make them cheaper). I will say, Iím running a bit more in total, with the stock bags stuffed under the seats (full setup listed in my sig.)

    Iím also using a DIY suck-gate so no need to list. Just put it at the water level (at rest) and as far back as possible.
    2007 LSV
    2315 Acme prop
    Gravity III + 3 Johnsons
    1100s in the rear, IBS upfront
    Stock bags under the seats
    HDPE Surf Platform

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    I have a 2003 Mobius LSV (21' length) with two Sumo 1175s (fills to about 1000 lb of volume) in the rear. It's surfable with both filled to 75%, a Mission Delta 2, a Sumo 750lb bow bag filled under the bow (fills to about 700 lb) and another 675 lb calculated weight filled under the ski locker. I can surf ropeless at 180 lb with a 4'8" surf style board. It surfs even better listed to the side (I fill the surf side bag 100% full and place a few hundred pounds more of people on that side). It's effortless to surf at 10.8 mph.. surfs up to 11.8 mph.

    My rear lockers measure 47"Lx26"Wx20"H. My Sumos measure 50"x24"x24" and they fill it perfectly. So far, there's no significant pressure on the plastic walls (probably due to it being wider than the sacs & the metal diagonal support bar that's already there).

    750 lb should do it though... I'd run slower (10-10.8mph), put the wakeplate trim as low as you can go.. even reduce weight in the bow ballast if you don't have enough push.

    I went with the big sacks so that I have options, such as listing to one side without needing another bag that takes up seating.. or if I want to weigh it down more.

    I bet you could list your boat to 400-500 in the non-surf side and 750 in the surf side to help more. It'd help get the surf-side hull in the water more.. giving you a bigger wave.

    The trick on my boat was to surf slower (10-11 mph, instead of 11-12 mph) and use weight/surf gate to lengthen the wave. Surf gate further back = longer wave. Surf gate further forward = shorter wave (some say also taller, but I haven't really tested that)

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