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    Drill holes in my boat??? That definitely doesnt make me feel better lol. BUT I havent been able to throw the rope yet, so I know I have to do it. Only once did I feel I had enough push. My 18 and 17yr old threw the rope on their 2nd run, and theyve never surfed before. I got a knot in my stomach, since Im the one that spent the 80k lol. All the info on here has really helped. Im running 100% AMP now, with a decent wave. Nothing compared to the pics you, and few others have posted tho.
    I didnít drill through the bulkhead when I did mine. I used 90 degree connectors instead of straight and went over the bulkhead. I wasnít sure if drilling through would void the lifetime hull warranty or not so I didnít chance it.

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    Do your lines get pinched or anything once the bag is full? Also which bag are you running or have a parts list of your setup?
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    What I did was plumb a 700 lb bag in the nose, 600lbs of lead spread throughout, and an 1100 lb bag under each bench (I had them from another boat). I manually fill the 2 side bags to about 600 lbs each. Drain them when the boat comes out of the water. Takes about 10 minutes.
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    so I am having a few issues. I finally vented my bags after paying a redonkulous amount of money in fittings.

    It seems that the check valves do not let water flow out easily. Yes, I have the arrows pointing out. My ports bag will get rock hard but will not vent. I think that is creating a ton of pressure on my pumps which dont seem to be working that well anymore either.

    Also, Does anyone know the trick to keep wakemakers plugs from leaking?
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    Well, WM was on a 3 week back order. Site said in stock, and I paid for expedited shipping, but nada. I was kind of expecting this after looking at their FB complaints lol. I still want them, so I didnt cancel, but Im also very impatient, so luckily, a local shop had some sacs. I was able to grab a couple 750s, and 260s. Everything is on sale. Spent about $250 on all 4, which is making me question how much Im spending on WMs lol. Im gonna give Murder Max's setup a try in the AM, since hes running similar weight. Ill be sure and report all my frustrations tomorrow evening lol

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