I have a 2003 Moomba Mobius LSV with a wakeplate, and it seems to run most efficiently (speed per RPM and wakeboard wake shape) at 25% wakeplate trim (0%=no wakeplate, 75%=maximum downward position). I'm wanting to run it with and without ballast without using the wakeplate.

Has anyone added solid weight to the bow of the boat for riding all of the time? How much does it take?
I'm considering adding steel shot ballast bags to the front of the bow (as far forward as I can).
Is there a way to access the tip of the bow (behind the front seat, underneath the bow navigation light) for adding bags of steel shot?

My ballast configuration is two 650lb (1300) in the rear lockers and the 1080lb fly high bag (fills to about 800 b/c of locker size) in the ski locker. How much weight in the bow would you recommend for balancing this boat out when ballasts are fully loaded?

I can continue experimenting, but I thought someone might have experience in this area to get me in the right general area.