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    To follow up, I disconnected the speakers with no improvement. The voltage to the amp was 13.8. The ground is shared with my second amp. My last effort was to disconnect everything completely and re check every connection with no improvement. To add to this I was working in an air conditioned garage to rule out if the heat was causing the problem. I checked everything by using another amp that I had and it works without issue.

    Does anyone have further advise about possible fixes to the amp? I hate to throw it away with it being 6 months old and used for about 20 hours at most. I have always had great luck with kicker amps and I am replacing this amp with an identical kicker marine amp. Initially I noticed some popping from the speakers and the amp cutting in and out for 5-10 second periods at a minimal volume while unloading off the trailer. The popping and turning on and off was not affected by volume. I disconnected the amp while on the water that day. After I got home and started trouble shooting, the amp eventually stayed in protect mode. What could have gone wrong? Does it sound like a potential warranty claim?
    To me if the amp is only 6 months old and was bought new from an authorized dealer then absolutely it is a warranty issue. Call 800 256 0808 and ask for Customer Service. They will give you an RMA number and you can send it in with a copy of your sales receipt to be fixed. They will be very happy to help you!


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    They share a common ground post. I did try to disconnect RCAs and didn't change anything. It is an amp I bought to power my two rev 8 tower speakers that replaced the stock roswell speakers and kicker 250 stock amp.

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